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1.     Welcome Missy. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm a southern girl who grew up in the country. I spent my formative years wanting to see the world only to discover as an adult that there's no place like home. Besides writing and books I love genealogy, movies, tennis and family. I don't know what else would interest your readers. I think Dean Martin surpassed Frank Sinatra in both talent and charisma. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I've had the same best friend since I was fourteen years old.

 2. Can you tell us about your current Short Story releases and where we may find them?
I've self-published three short stories:

Abandon - An unexpected encounter with a rock star gives a divorcee a new perspective.

Fool's Journey - Maks had but one goal on his mind. Steal a rock and return it to a dying boy. What he didn't count on was a mysterious beauty insisting she tag along.

Miltonia Butterflies - Young Paz explores a garden and encounters a unique flower. In order to share her discovery with her mother, she must overcome a few obstacles.

 All can be found at Smashwords: They have propagated to other sites, but Smashwords is the centralized location for download.

 3. Can you tell us a little about your next Women's Fiction?

The Widows of Wyatt Abney revolves around two women, Yancy and Beth. As teenagers they lost a great love when Wyatt Abney died. Twenty-five years later they meet again and they throw their families into turmoil; along the way they discover whether they’ve truly moved on or merely moved forward.

 4. What inspired you to write this Women's Fiction novel instead of your Short Stories?

I've always loved to write stories, but some ideas won't fit into the short format; it takes longer to get the story told. The characters of The Widows of Wyatt Abney have been rattling around my brain for a long time. After practicing the art of storytelling in the form of short stories, I felt I was ready to write a novel. It's been a satisfying experience so far.

 5. On your Missy Writes blog, you mentioned your experience in pitching your novel for the first time. Can you tell us more?

I was sorely unprepared to pitch during the Ozark Writers Conference, but at the last minute decided it would be a good experience. The actual pitch was a disaster. I let the agent overwhelm me when I should have been better prepared and took control. It taught me a great deal. Next time, I'll be able to describe my book in a few sentences and defend my choice of genre.

 6. What is one thing that your readers may not know about you and should?

I'm passionate about helping other writers. Sometimes my writing suffers because I put others first. I'm learning to balance.

 7. What is one thing that has contributed to your success as an author?

I don't know that I'm really classified as a success though I wouldn't say I'm a failure either. What has helped me most is the ability to focus on writing alone. I don't have the emotional stamina to work full-time and write. Writers who do both have my highest respect. Because I'm disabled by chronic migraines and a severe depressive disorder I'm unable to work outside the home. Losing multiple jobs because I'm not dependable hit me hard. I've realized, despite my frequent pain, this is the best situation for me to focus on what I love. If I'm unable to write because of pain, the only person I'm letting down is myself.

 8. Your web page says you are a Creator of Tension Filled Emotional Journeys. What part of the emotional journey of 'Missy' ends up in your novel or short stories?

It's different for each story. Even the characters that I can't really relate to feed off my emotions. It wasn't until I had finished writing Abandon that I realized my inability to have children drove Greta's journey. There's a little bit of me in all my stories, some more than others.

 Melissa "Missy" Frye

My short stories are available for download: Abandon | Fool's Journey | Miltonia Butterflies

Follow my writing journey at Missy Writes or visit my website for more ways to connect with me online.


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