Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Arial Burnz Character Reveal Blog Tour Second Week

This blog tour is for the fabulous Arial Burnz and her Bonded By Blood series. Each week a different character from the books will be featured so sign up for each week! She will begin each week for us with her own post. Here is the permalink for this week. Meet her character Celina Hunter: http://www.arialburnz.com/2014/09/character-reveal-tour-celina-hunter/

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Arial Burnz Character Reveal Blog Tour First Week

This week's blog hop is for the fabulous Arial Burnz and her Bonded By Blood series. Each week a different character from the books will be featured. Today, let's welcome Broderick Macdougal. Come along with us on the tour to win a chance at prizes. Click on the link below.
Arial Burnz 2014/09/character-reveal-tour-broderick-macdougal/

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Interviewing Detective Tara Woods and Detective Matt Dobbs

Announcement everyone. My lead characters from my 'Tara' Series is taking over my blog posts for a while. Let me introduce you to Detective Tara Woods and her partner Detective Matt Dobbs.
Me: Detectives, which one of you would like to go first? Start off by telling us a little about yourself.
Tara: I will. And, thank you Jeri Lynn for letting us take over your blog.
Me: My pleasure. You are two of my favorite characters.
Tara: Thank you. Well, to start with I'm a Homicide Detective with the NYPD. I've been on the force for four years and report to Chief Haynes and partnered with Detective Dobbs. For four years before that I was a patrol officer.  I've lived in New York for my entire life.
Me: What made you want to become a Homicide Detective instead of, say Robbery?
Tara: inhaling deep, rubbing her hands down the front of her jeans. She paused for a moment before continuing.  That's a tough one.  I don't usually talk about it, but I will answer with this..., my parents were murdered and I was stabbed multiple times in our home when I was only eight years old. My parents were killed over a drug arrest my father a police officer had made a few hours before it happened. Later in the hospital, I was able to describe the drug-induced teen and he was arrested a short time later.  She shrugged and her gaze hardened. Because of being a victim myself, I made it my honor-bound duty to bring justice to other murdered victims. I don't want to come off sounding like a Saint on a mission. Believe me. I'm no Saint.
Dobbs lightening the mood: More like the devil when she's pissed.
Tara: Kiss it, Dobbs.
Me, holding back a grin:  Both of your pictures were plastered all over the newspapers during your latest case with the serial killer. Gruesome deaths. I think the whole city let out a sigh of relief when the murderer was captured. Dobbs, can you tell us about the case you're working on, now?
Dobbs: No. Sorry. The investigation is on-going. We'll have a press release as soon as we have something to tell.
Me: Okay. I understand. Then, I guess we'll close today's blog out on that note. Next time Dobbs it will be your turn.
Dobbs teasing grin: Hey, you're not through with Tara.  You haven't asked her about her love life, yet.
Tara folding her arms in front of her: At least I have a lasting one. With Jake. You claim to have made lovers out of every woman in the city and surrounding areas. Except me, of course.
Dobbs: You sound jealous. Tara's jealous. She has a fixation on my love life.
Tara: Nope. I'm a wise woman. Not a jealous bone in my body, Dobbs. And, I could care less about your love life. Should I tell her about your latest who threw a glass of beer in your face and mentioned a size of one of your body parts?
Dobbs sputtering: She was talking about my shoe size.
Tara nodding with a smirk.: Exactly.
Me shaking head : I've lost complete control of this interview. Time to end it. Until next time, my friends.