Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Interviewing Detective Tara Woods and Detective Matt Dobbs

Announcement everyone. My lead characters from my 'Tara' Series is taking over my blog posts for a while. Let me introduce you to Detective Tara Woods and her partner Detective Matt Dobbs.
Me: Detectives, which one of you would like to go first? Start off by telling us a little about yourself.
Tara: I will. And, thank you Jeri Lynn for letting us take over your blog.
Me: My pleasure. You are two of my favorite characters.
Tara: Thank you. Well, to start with I'm a Homicide Detective with the NYPD. I've been on the force for four years and report to Chief Haynes and partnered with Detective Dobbs. For four years before that I was a patrol officer.  I've lived in New York for my entire life.
Me: What made you want to become a Homicide Detective instead of, say Robbery?
Tara: inhaling deep, rubbing her hands down the front of her jeans. She paused for a moment before continuing.  That's a tough one.  I don't usually talk about it, but I will answer with this..., my parents were murdered and I was stabbed multiple times in our home when I was only eight years old. My parents were killed over a drug arrest my father a police officer had made a few hours before it happened. Later in the hospital, I was able to describe the drug-induced teen and he was arrested a short time later.  She shrugged and her gaze hardened. Because of being a victim myself, I made it my honor-bound duty to bring justice to other murdered victims. I don't want to come off sounding like a Saint on a mission. Believe me. I'm no Saint.
Dobbs lightening the mood: More like the devil when she's pissed.
Tara: Kiss it, Dobbs.
Me, holding back a grin:  Both of your pictures were plastered all over the newspapers during your latest case with the serial killer. Gruesome deaths. I think the whole city let out a sigh of relief when the murderer was captured. Dobbs, can you tell us about the case you're working on, now?
Dobbs: No. Sorry. The investigation is on-going. We'll have a press release as soon as we have something to tell.
Me: Okay. I understand. Then, I guess we'll close today's blog out on that note. Next time Dobbs it will be your turn.
Dobbs teasing grin: Hey, you're not through with Tara.  You haven't asked her about her love life, yet.
Tara folding her arms in front of her: At least I have a lasting one. With Jake. You claim to have made lovers out of every woman in the city and surrounding areas. Except me, of course.
Dobbs: You sound jealous. Tara's jealous. She has a fixation on my love life.
Tara: Nope. I'm a wise woman. Not a jealous bone in my body, Dobbs. And, I could care less about your love life. Should I tell her about your latest who threw a glass of beer in your face and mentioned a size of one of your body parts?
Dobbs sputtering: She was talking about my shoe size.
Tara nodding with a smirk.: Exactly.
Me shaking head : I've lost complete control of this interview. Time to end it. Until next time, my friends.

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